(Craig’s List) Urban novinky do každé rodinky – podle Craiga Montse, vol. 1

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Craig Monts pro ForMEN vybírá tradičně to nej ze současné urban scény, nyní své znalecké impérium přesouvá i na náš online. V původním znění, stay tuned!

There’s plenty to report on as it’s been a while since we spoke. There have been quite a few developments, deaths & down -right dope drops to catch your eye or coax those hard earned funds from your bank account. 


Converse “Golf Le Fleur” Spring Collection 2019 

Rise up from your winter slumber with some fresh colourways from the GOLF heads. You remember? Rap legend; Tyler, The Creator joined forces with footwear legends Converse to provide the eager masses with the quality “GOLF le FLEUR” collection. The latest offering sees a departure from the loud colourways of the previous collections, favouring the muted creams, blue and beige for that adulting look. Very dope.


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Mcabre Brothers – Tell A Friend (Blah Records)

Entirely produced by the UK’s A.H. Fly, Mcabre Brothers is 6-track rap 101 session for your enjoyment. The type of album that will make you want to draw the curtains, lock the door and stay inside for the rest of your life perhaps only leaving to argue loudly with your neighbours and restock the beef super noodles & malinovka. Real UK rap, perfectly depressing and self-deprecating with melancholy production from the mythical A.H. Fly. PERFECT.




Nike Air Max 720

I first saw these on Instagram (YES KISH!) They are super off-key (in true high-end Nike tradition). It seems to have a polarising effect on the sneaker scene. Are they the freshest thing ever? or absolutely shitty? I think we can all agree that these are absolutely dope. Boasting a taller air bubble since the last tallest air bubble, the AM 720 is the result of a truly collaborative effort from the Nike lab with materials & colourway giving the wearer a well rounded experience that also looks really really good. 

Available globally through limited outlets 

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21 Savage current deportation status 

After being seized by American immigration offers Atlanta-based (and as the press hastily-reported), British-born 21 Savage was released from US immigration detention custody after 9 days of incarceration. 21, real name; Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Josep has been relatively quiet regarding his ongoing migration woes. The 26-year old father of three received support from members of the hip hop community during his incarceration with Jay Z actively contributing legal aid. 21 Savage’s most recent album; “I Am > I Was,” spent two weeks at No. 1 before he was arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.

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Da Flyy Hooligan – Helly Hansen (VIDEO)

Lamarrie Essquire A.K.A Da Flyy Hooligan is an established phantom of the UK rap scene. His creativity has taken a number of forms, the most recent of which is the smooth talking, well dressed “Da Flyy Hooligan”. The great British coast provides the perfect setting for his new “Helly Hansen” video. Hit the YouTube and check the visuals out. Don’t forget to like & subscribe!



Hellwana – Phases EP

Czech-based Hellwana released her 5-track “Phases” project. It’s a short & sweet one from the up & coming singer-songwriter. Haunting soul from the soul. The ghostly visuals for “Love Game” set the tone for the impressive release. She’ll be performing in various locations around Prague. Copies of the Phases project available digitally and on super-limited vinyl. So hit her Facebook and get down with the get down. 

Hellwana – Phases 





Boisht Clothing New Colourways 

Fly Tippers Lunar C & Prague regular DJ Heritage continue the success of earlier Boisht collections with the latest colourways flipping their classic upside down fly hoodies. Available in Flyme Green (slime green), “guantanamo” orange and dusty pink.  Worthy purchases in all colourways. I like these guys & their garments. Boisht offer quality cuts with eye-catching motifs! What’s not to like!

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“404 Freedom Not Found.exe” is a special collaboration with Dubai based
brand LaComeDi & the UK’s HYPEPEACE. They’re recent screenprint front graphics with sleeve design (sewn ribbon) with „Freedom Not Found“ in Arabic script. The high price matches the quality and flavour. A nang print from LDN’s HYPEPEACE camp. 


Bas in Prague 

Want to log off and step out into the real world? I recommended checking Bas! The excellent booking is thanks to the Colours of Ostrava festival. Its a nice move, bringing the thinking man’s rapper with a couple of really dope projects under his belt. Don’t sleep on this opportunity to see the man in the flesh. His live shows are currently the stuff of legends. 

Bas 18.03 – Chapeau Rogue – Prague 


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D-Block Europe – Home Alone (Album)
Offset – FATHER OF 4 (Album)
Giggs – BIG BAD… (Album)
A$AP Ant – Addie Pitino (Album)
Da Flyy Hooligan – SCUM (Album)

sheki. – Young Citrus (soundcloud)
Dr Vades x Blanco – Ringtone (YouTube)
The Silver Spoons – He’s Got My Money Now (YouTube)
Cookin Soul – WHATEVA vol 1 (STREAM TAPE // YouTube)